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The last diet plan you'll ever need
Powered by AI Technology
Created by You
Only foods you like in your diet plan
Flexible for you
Evolves with your every need
Always with you
An AI Health assistant to guide you!

What do you get with HealthifySmart?

Diet Plan (Created by you)
Workout Plan (Tailored for you)
Unlimited Chat with Ria (AI Nutritionist)
Daily & Weekly Insights
Macro/Micro Nutrient Tracking
Healthy Recipes

Why HealthifySmart?

Fitness goals are difficult to reach as it is. To top it, dietary restrictions, lifestyle constraints & food choices make fitness goals even harder.

HealthifySmart was created for the digitally savvy millennial for whom fitness is a solo journey with the right tools at their disposal 24x7.

HealthifySmart gives you an AI-powered Personalized Diet Plan based on cuisines & dishes you enjoy. The diet plan also learns from your likes & dislikes & keeps evolving to give you the perfect plan everyday.

Trusted by 1 Crore+ users!

Rahul, 39 Years
Chandigarh, India
Lost 35 kg in 9 months

"In Oct 2018 I got a panic attack. I was unable to breathe and my blood pressure shot up. It was one of the scariest nights of my life .The very next day, I went to the doctor and got tests done.I was told that I had the attack because of excessive weight and I realised that I had put myself in that situation.This is when I decided to get fit and get a hold of my life. That’s when I came across HealthifyMe Smart Plan, which is an AI-curated diet plan, and lost 35Kg in just 9 months."

Jyugaandh, 19 Years
NCR, India
50 kg in 6 months

"My experience with the smart plan was wonderful and the best experience I could’ve had with any other fitness app. I’ve lost approximately 50 kg now and that’s in my journey of 6 months My feelings about my transformation are still unbelievable to me. I sometimes just see myself and say is this reality or just a dream that’s not ending but yeah it’s true and I’ve achieved. I have recommended Healthifyme Smart Plan to all my friends."

Smita, 30 Years
Bangalore, India
30 kg in 10 months

"I started gaining weight during pregnancy, and after delivery, I suffered from postpartum depression. I had gained 20kg in this period. I found out about HealthifyMe when I came across YouTube videos of other people’s transformation journeys. They talked about how much this app had helped them. Then I took up the smart plan and lost 30 kg in 10 months!"

Get HealthifySmart for 6 months at just ₹3,000 ₹999

The All New
Smart Diet Plan

Powered by AI Technology

Created by you

Choose from over 100,000+ foods to
create a diet plan that works for you

Flexible for you

Tell us what you feel like eating and
the app will tell you how much!

Always with you

Your AI Health Assistant Ria will always be
there to guide and motivate you, 24x7!

Introductory Price -  ₹999 for 6 months

Your Plan Includes

AI-Powered Personalized Diet Plan
Meal Recommendations you will like
Access to Ria (AI Personal Assistant)
Healthy Recipes
Macro and Micronutrient Tracking
Daily & Weekly Reports

Want a nutritionist to create your diet plan? Explore our Coach Plans.

Trusted by 1 Crore+ users!

"I started gaining weight during pregnancy, and after delivery, I suffered from postpartum depression... I had gained 20kg in this period. With HealthifyMe and Smart plan, I lost 30 kgs of weight and 6 inches from my waist in 10 months... I opted for the Smart Plan Ria. For each day my diet plan would be different... I saw results month on month"
"For the first time in my life I am slimmer and fitter than I was in my teenage. I never thought I could lose weight without a coach. I was 96 kgs when I came back from Houston and now this morning I weighed myself at 73.6 kg, thanks to RIA"
RIA is HealthifyMe's AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered Nutritionist
"I had gained almost 8-10 kgs within 4-5 months of marriage. My clothes were not fitting me. I downloaded HealthifyMe and I’ve been following it religiously. I've  lost 4 kgs in 2 months using the Smart Plan by HealthifyMe. I have started seeing changes already. The app doesn’t tell you not to eat anything, First they ask you how much weight you want to lose, and then they give you a diet plan according to that."
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